Unicorn this, Unicorn that… how about a Unicorn frap?!

As many Starbucks-lovers know, the company is constantly inventing new, flavorful drinks. They often stick to season-themed beverages, such as the pumpkin spice latte when fall rolls around, or the peppermint mocha during the winter. However, this spring they went with something that may have been a little too crazy for both customers and workers – the Unicorn Drink.

What is the drink actually made of? It primarily consists of whole milk and whipped cream. The bright colors appear from a mixture of flavored syrups (including fruit flavors and chocolate syrup), and the powder, or ‘fairy dust’ on top is both sugar and food Starbucks-Unicorn-Frappuccino-more-sugar-than-20-hostess-donettescoloring made from fruits and vegetables. However, the most shocking thing to me is that this drink contains 76-grams of sugar in one grande-size cup , which is more than one 12-ounce can of coke and a serving of frosted flakes combined. Basically, this amount of sugar will make your body cringe, and if you’re like me when I have too much sugar, you’ll be shaking all day.

This drink has been trending on various social media sites throughout the past week, and is available in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. After seeing many of my own peers walking around campus with this colorful, mysterious beverage, I found an article on Buzzfeed describing the hysteria the drink is causing. One reviewer, Kevin, said that when he ordered the drink, it tasted only a bit sweeter than the vanilla frappuccino, and that there was barely any sour tang that the drink promised. Michelle, a second critic, complained that she was unsatisfied when the mango flavor she was so excited to taste, failed to appear. Both critics were only moderately impressed. Later on, a trending video  posted by Daily Mail comically described the thoughts of a four-year-old boy as he sipped the beverage.

Besides the “eh” reviews from many customers, Starbucks’ workers feared hearing the words “one grande unicorn frappuccino please.” Many employees described the first day of serving the new beverage as their “worst day on the job,”  as many GROWN adults threw temper-tantrums when they were told that supplies had run out. As explained in an article by the New York Post, “suppliers ran out, tempers ran high, and an evil side of humanity was on full display.” Most people were so busy complaining, they didn’t even realize that the magical drink contained zero actual coffee.

People on Twitter were going insane, using the hashtag “unicornfrappuccino” to project their thoughts on the controversial, trending drink. One tweet by a disappointed customer read “ too bad the famous new drink is sold out first thing in the morning. Glad I tried to skip Dunks to try it” along with a sign posted by Starbucks saying “The Flavor-Changing Unicorn Frappuccino; only available if you 1492463120-0believe.” Another tweet revealed that the hype of the drink was really more interesting than the drink itself, citing the 4.5 million Instagram mentions under the hashtag #unicorn as proof. Many other tweets, despite the drink’s negative reviews, displayed frustration at not getting the chance to try the mystical Starbucks’ creation for themselves.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for some), the beverage is no longer available; it had a set life-span of April 19- April 23. As of this morning, people on Twitter are attempting to find other ways to keep the colorful drink around. Youtube user “Emmymadeinjapan” has created her own unicorn drink, and released a video containing the recipe. The “DIY Unicorn Frappuccino” has been trending  on Twitter this morning, as many others try to concoct the beverage themselves.  @TomBCStudios, a make-up lover and artist, has released a video entitled “Unicorn-Frappuccino inspired makeC-MO68PVYAEMDUq-up tutorial” on his Instagram page. And that’s not all; people are even coming up with hairstyles modeled after the drink.

If you’re wondering, yes, I did try the drink. Mine tasted mostly of whipped cream, which wasn’t the worst thing in the world; however, too much would’ve definitely made me nauseous. I also thought that it was extremely similar to the ever-popular Vanilla Frappuccino in taste, and therefore the color really didn’t add much for me. Despite the appearance, since the drink is no longer served, I think the trend will soon die down. Starbucks will  probably develop a new concoction quickly; hopefully containing more tasteful ingredients than their Unicorn drink.

Some interesting articles/ links I got information from about the Unicorn drink are down below:






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