Monday Madness at the Inner Harbor

I had heard about Light City Baltimore through word-of-mouth last year, but didn’t exactly know what it included or what the experience was like. As a New Yorker, I was not familiar with the Baltimore area, and barely knew where the inner harbor was. When I heard that we were required to attend the event this year for class, I was ecstatic. As a sophomore, I have recently had the opportunity to explore much more of the city, and was looking forward to the Light City event, a well-known Baltimore favorite.

When my friend and I arrived, we were surrounded by a sea of orange and black colors; the Oriole’s opening day game was letting out and it was chaotic. We were clueless as to where the event began (if there even was a starting point), so we followed the crowd over a bridge.

The first sculpture we came across was a bunch of intertwined glowing wires, elevated above the water. I thought this was a neat introduction to the event, especially because it was unclear how the wires were staying together.

17795767_1476072359072488_4262831892353139442_nThe next design we discovered was a circular sculpture entitled “Shabamanetica,” portraying the new international commerce between Shanghai, Panama, and Baltimore. The image was supposed to display the shape of a ship’s wheel. I spun it and watched the beautiful colors come alive.

Next, we walked past a food stand, where the delightful aroma of a BBQ sadly reminded me that I was a hungry, broke college student. Sighing, I continued down to the water, where three gigantic floats rocked back and forth. I soon realized that they were made solely of various-colored umbrellas attached together, with lights underneath producing a glow. The purpose of the Drift display was to highlight the importance of the Baltimore Community, as well as the integral role that boats play in the city’s harbor.  I thought this idea was extremely creative, and it definitely ended up as one of my favorites from the night.

Since we hadn’t come across anything interactive yet, we figured it would be best to check out the attractions on the other side of the bridge. Hearing loud music in the distance, we approached a mini concert, where a pop-rock group,”KStone,” was performing some of their tracks. Light City is 1102_1476071402405917_750393517812169334_ndefinitely a smart place to schedule a performance if you are trying to make yourself known as an artist. Background music while walking from attraction to attraction was definitely a bonus!

Finally, we arrived at some interactive events. The first one stood out because of the massive crowd around it, as well as its popping colors. Clearly, the sculpture was made for kids, but I still decided to jump from circle to circle, watching the lights change colors and eventually end up as an awe striking rainbow shade. As a child, I know this attraction would have fascinated me, especially since it caught my attention as a 19 year old.

Directly next to the interactive light circles were numerous white, illuminated sea-saws. Childhood memories of summer afternoons at the playground began to flood my mind. You could definitely say I was pumped to steal the next available one for my own five minutes of entertainment. It was pretty difficult to take a good quality picture while trying to hold on so I wouldn’t go flying off, which is clearly shown below.


Just as we were trying to decide where to go next, I felt a few raindrops hit my head, and remembered the forecast for the night had shown rain. We decided it be best to call an Uber. Whil17799209_1476070895739301_6082278331553552161_ne waiting for it to arrive, a parade appeared, complete with a band, stilt walkers, and an illuminated American Flag.







Light City kept my friend and I entertained and amazed since the moment we arrived till the second we got in the car to head home. The attractions we experienced allowed for an audience of five year olds to adults. Light City is a great place for families to go for a fun, relaxing night. It’s a hot spot for photographers as well, especially once the sun goes down. I highly suggest attending at least once to everyone who can, and I will definitely be going back!


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